2 Base Models Available

Single Shelf Unit $150

Double Shelf Unit $250

Both the single shelf and double shelf base units can incorporate the same extra features available below.

Enclosed ends $50

The benefit of enclosing the ends is it will keep all of your contents inside your kitchen while you are travelling.

Extension table with adjustable support poles $100

The way the Hinged Extension works is simple. Lift it over and the legs fold out automatically. Then adjust the extension poles to suit the ground.

Hinged door $100

The simple but affective design of the Aluminium Hinged Door is to undo the 2 turn buttons at the front of the kitchen, fold the door underneath, where you'll find 2 more turn buttons.

These buttons hold your door open while you are camping.

Stainless Steel tops $100

Stainless Steel, what more can we say.


"Hand Tap Holder Brackets" $5 each